CEO and Legal Representative

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Houshmand Masoumi

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Dr. Masoumi is a senior researcher at Technische Universität Berlin, Germany and Visiting Associate Professor at University of Johannesburg, South Africa. He holds PhD in urban and regional development from TU Dortmund (2011) and has done several years of postdoc work at TU Berlin focusing on urban travel behavior and land use analysis and modelling, the connections of urban transportation with urban planning, the built environment, human psychology and choices, and socioeconomics. He has published the results of his works in more than 90 peer-reviewed journal papers, monographs, conference papers, etc. and acts as reviewer and editorial board member of several international journals. Dr. Masoumi has also been a former project leader of German Research Foundation (DFG) and coordinator and leader of several national and international projects including an ongoing Erasmus+ projects.

Co-Fouder & LEAR

Sareh Sarmadi, M.Sc.

She is a biologist and elementary school teacher in Berlin. Her connection with the youth, their schooling, and education supports the international activities of URE. Because of her teaching career, Mrs. Sarmadi is especially active in the activities related to the youth and school education.

Project Coordinator

Dr. Melika Mehriar

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She is co-worker at URE and in the same time Ph.D. researcher studying urban sprawl and its relation to urban travel behaviour. She holds PhD at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) on the relations of urban sprawl and urban travel behaviour. She has a master’s degree in urban and regional planning and investigated "urban residential system in Hamadan province, Iran" in her master thesis. Dr. Mehriar has experience in teaching and research on urban planning issues and also has worked as urban planner in private sector. She also has extensive skills in applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Project Assistant

Faraneh Shirazi, M.A.

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She is architect. Currently, she studies PhD on urban planning and regeneration at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. She also has experience of working in urban planning companies as a consultant.

Project Assistant

Ali Rafati, M.A.

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Ali Rafati is an urban planner. He earned his master’s degree in urban planning and policy design at POLIMI (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) and also holds bachelor’s degree in urban engineering. Furthermore, he has work experience in practical urban planning and research since 2015.