BIOSEM- Bioethics and Sustainable Environment Management in Schools

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Project Description 

Since the subject of bioethics is mostly used in the medical and medical fields, it has been seen that no high school learning outcomes or pedagogical structure is set up so far. In addition to these deficiencies, a needs analysis was conducted to measure the awareness of high school students on Bioethics. Prepared as a Google form, with this scale we aimed to reach as many students as possible in the shortest time. The scale prepared by Afacan and Demirci Güler on the attitudes of students towards a sustainable environment was applied to our target group as the concrete result, which helped us to determine the topics to be dealt with during the project.

Also, in the meeting held with the partners in order to increase the awareness of students, it was decided to consider the following topics in the project:

By addressing these topics, the following project activities are planned: