ENDUALL - ENergy Efficiency Digital EDucational tool for ALL

Funded by

European Commission


2022 - 2023

Project Description

ENDUALL is an innovative educational project that strives for European Union (EU) targets achievement as it is aligned with VET education, and it promotes energy efficiency education and green skills development for all students giving specific attention to disabled students. ENDUALL will offer added value and on one hand to propose and validate a way to improve teaching and learning approaches in VET, on the other hand, to promote synergies, cooperation, and cross-fertilization between the different stakeholders active in the vocational education and the industry. The project will create an innovative educational application for upper secondary education offering a guide for learning energy efficiency under the umbrella of digital innovation. ENDUALL'S will design and validate a digital educational platform with various learning resources related to energy efficiency so that teachers will be ready to use and implement for the educational purposes. The Digital Learning Paths Project intends to address the lack of high-quality, up-to-date learning resources for vocational education in many nations. The collaboration between project partners and other stakeholders involved in vocational education and industry will lead to the fulfillment of projects’ objectives. Additionally, the role of digital learning routes in the integration of all students (such as students with disabilities) will promote disables students' inclusion, as well as the attractiveness and importance of learning for them. ENDUALL will be the milestone leading the EU targets even closer to the fulfillment as it will provide energy efficiency educational material with a modern-digitalization way that all students will be able to take advantage of.