VAULT - Validation and Upgrading of Logistic and Transport competences

Funded by

European Commission


2022 - 2023

Project Description

The main goal of the project is to improve training opportunities in the TLS sector. The project aims to provide remote education and validation tools, methods, inspiration and good practices, improve cooperation and knowledge exchange between institutions of the vocational education and business sector, increase the know-how of project partners as a result of international activities. The aim of the project is to create an ecosystem of tools: 1. Map and Microcompetence Profiler 2. Remote Validation Course - TLS Guidelines 3. Remote Validation Tools 4. Support System for Institutions. The currently planned project aims to include industry education in the context of digital transformation and the so-called new reality.

Competence map with Micro-competence Profiler is to be used as a tool for planning and creating professional career paths and planning development activities for future employees of the sector. The competency-based job profiles can be used to create competency-based interview questions, so they can be used by employers or consulting firms such as the Applicant. Employers can provide a simple learning path for their employees to help close any gaps in job-related skills, prepare for a future position, or improve an employee's overall performance. Mikrocompetency Profiler – its IT tool (form) for quick creation of competency profiles.

Phase I Preparation of a list of core competences with definitions based on the analysis of professional qualifications. This stage will be related to the analysis of the National Qualifications Framework and specific regulations related to vocational education. Stage II Creation of development guidelines, competence scales, competence cards. The Applicant and Partners will situate their work within the existing standards and guidelines in vocational education. Stage III Environmental consultations: experts connected with ZSK and the transport, logistics and forwarding industry. The partners have their own experts, but at this stage it is assumed that a broader consultation will take place in order to incorporate the amendments. Such consultations will take place online. Stage IV Revisions, corrections, preparation of the final document.