Using the expertise and experiences of its members, URE has expertise in the following fields:

  • Urban transportation and mobility including sustainable transport, active mobility, etc.;

  • Urban planning and management including governance, territorial/regional/rural planning, masterplans, and the like;

  • Societal issues, including problems related to everyday life in urban societies such as refugees, asylum seekers, etc.;

  • Promotion of physical activity and sport in different age and socioeconomic groups;

  • Promotion of education in the fields related to the expertise of the team members;

  • Development of IT tools and solutions related to the above topics.


The services of URE cover a wide spectrum, including but not limited to:

  • Preparation and submission of third-party project proposals, using several years of national and international experience;

  • Project management under sub-contracts;

  • Participation in projects in form of coordinator, Programme Country (Germany) partner, or sub-contractor.


URE is active in acquisition and management of project in the following programmes:

  • European Commission such as Erasmus+ (including KA1, KA2, KA3, and Sport),

  • Europe for Citizens,

  • European Solidarity Corps,

  • National research and education programmes in Germany and elsewhere.

Project types

  • Research projects funded by international and national fund-givers;

  • Mobility projects funded by the Eruopean Commission (Erasmus+) and Germany (DAAD, etc.), with the aim of international mobilizing of individuals like students, researchers, teachers, youth, etc.